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Using Those Creepy Facebook Ads to Your Advantage

It’s happened to all of us.

One moment, you are shopping on Amazon, Nike, or any other retailer with an online shop. You’re looking at a stylish new pair of shoes, but decide to wait a few days before purchasing. You leave the site.

Twenty minutes later, you open Facebook on your phone. And there’s an ad for the exact pair of shoes you were looking at. The same style. The same color.

Immediately, it feels pretty creepy. How did Facebook know exactly what you were looking at on your computer?

I’ve got some great news for you. It’s not as creepy as you think.

More great news? I’ll tell you exactly how to use these spooky ads to your advantage.

First, I need to explain how these ads work…

These ads (and most Facebook ads) are targeted through a tracking code called the Facebook Pixel. Retailers install this code on their website and it tracks who comes on their site, and what they do.

These businesses then create a Facebook ad template that says, “put an ad for (product) in front of (person who just looked at product).” The ad ends up in front of you, and that’s that.

The great part?

It’s all through coding and algorithms.

This means that there is not a creepy list of your shopping habits that Facebook sells to the highest bidding retailer. The retailers cannot see your name, your picture, or virtually anything else about you. They just pay Facebook to put the ad in front of you, which is all through some highly protected Internet coding. So at the end of the day, you’re safe!

Now the best part, how to use these ads to your advantage…

Look at it this way: after you look at a retailer’s site, they want to bring you back to make a purchase. How are they going to do that? By giving you discounts, sales, and promo codes.

So here’s what you do. When there’s a product you like, but don’t want to pay full price for: 1) add it your cart on the website, and 2) leave the site. Wait a few weeks. Chances are, the retailer will put Facebook ads in front of you for that exact product. And when there’s a sale or discount? You bet they are going to advertise it to you! Heck, they might even make discount codes exclusively to put in their Facebook ads.

No lie, this works. I did it last week.

I needed some new pants, so I shopped around a bit on American Eagle. There was a specific pair of black jeans I really liked, but I waited.

Four days later, American Eagle had a huge sale. Within hours of the sale starting, I had an ad in my News Feed showing me the new, lower price of the black jeans I wanted.

I ended up getting them for nearly 50% off.

It’s a win-win. American Eagle gets their sale. And I get the pants that I would have bought anyway for a much cheaper price. And as I sit here in my new 360-degree Extreme Flex black jeans, I’m happy.

This is next-level stuff. You’re no longer just a customer, you are a negotiator. Don’t stop until you get the best price. Happy shopping!

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