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Time vs. Money

Many have adopted the life philosophy of “get a lot done as quick as possible.” When they start running Facebook ads, they bring the same mindset.

Lots of results. As fast as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting fast results. But if you’re doing Facebook ads you need to know: fast isn’t realistic.

Sometimes, results come in quickly. That’s worth celebrating because it often takes a while for real results to show.

Other digital marketers and ad experts have touched on this same topic, including this great post from Vici.

As experts and experienced digital marketers, we will echo what Vici said…a Facebook ad campaign takes time. Their estimate is at least three months for a successful campaign. Vici gives a lot of great details on why, but we want use this post to address one rebuttal we know you’re all thinking.

“If I just pour three month’s worth of money into an ad campaign, then I can see the full results quicker.”

We’re sorry to tell you…that’s incorrect.

More Money Doesn’t Equal More Results

Think of Facebook ads like a marathon.

If I decide to run a marathon, I need to train. (Maybe you don’t, but I do). If I train for the recommended 20 weeks for 30 minutes a day, that equals roughly 70 hours of training. So if I need 70 hours of training, couldn’t I just do that in a week?

Starting Monday at noon, if I do nothing but train for the next 70 hours, I’d be marathon ready on Thursday morning at [10:00]! Right?

Any athletic trainer or marathon runner could tell you that’s a bad idea. It is the same way with Facebook ads. Take your time.

You will find that letting a campaign do it’s magic over time has so many benefits.
The Pixel learns and optimizes for your campaign over time
It gives you a chance to test different audiences, placements, creative
And it lets Facebook users learn to trust your brand over time as they see your posts

Trust us. Facebook ads take time. Up to 3 months, or more!

If you don’t believe us, go ahead and try dumping a lot of money into a get-rich-quick ad. Just don’t forget that we warned you!

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