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Creative Concepts That Are Crucial for Facebook Ads

If you are in the game of running Facebook ads, you have probably noticed it is often hard to predict which ads will perform well and which ads wont. Sometimes the only difference between the two is a single word or the color in an image. While there is some mystery in what makes an audience react well, there are three areas of every Facebook ad that should be created with intention. The three most important parts are the visual, the attention grabber, and the call to action.

The Visual

When you are scrolling through your Facebook feed, what grabs your attention first? Images. Videos. Eye-catching visuals draw people in. It is the exact same with your Facebook ads! Before users’ eyes see the text, they will see the image or video.

So what makes a good visual? High-quality is the place to start. Nobody will be intrigued by a blurry photo that could’ve been taken on a Motorola RAZR in 2007. Invest in good quality, your results will thank you. Even more than the quality, consider the colors and the mood of your image/video. Does it match the vibe of your ad? Even the smallest tweaks to the coloring or brightness of a photo can increase results for your ad.

The Attention Grabber

The next part of the ad that users will need to be intrigued by is your attention grabber. It really isn’t much different than the attention grabber we all learned about for writing essays in 7th grade English class. The first thing the viewer reads should make them want to read the rest. Simple as that!

Now, where should the attention grabber go, the headline or the copy? Honestly, it varies for each ad and audience. The best option? Both. Don’t rely on the same words for both, but put some sort of attention grabbing text in both the headline and the copy. In the end, your reader should instantly know that you understand what their needs are and you have the solution. If you do that, they will read the rest!

The Call to Action

Every single ad you put on Facebook should have a next step for the user. No exceptions. I see so many ads that give great information about a business or page, but no link or action for me to respond with. In the end, I keep scrolling, and they don’t gain any business. Not only should you mention what you have to offer, but you should make it incredibly clear how they can claim the offer.

Imagine a friend telling you that they’re having a birthday party and you’re invited, but they don’t tell you where or when. Many users feel that way with Facebook ads, when the offer is not laid out clearly enough. Offer something of value and give the user everything they need to take it.

Every ad and every audience have their quirks and unique characteristics. We will never have a formula for a perfect ad that will work for everyone. But focus on these three aspects of your ads’ creative and you will be on the path to Facebook ads success.

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