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The Holidays vs. Your Facebook Ads

The holidays are coming up, and maybe you are taking some time off of work. It could just be a three day weekend, or a week at the in-laws’ place. Either way, your Facebook ads are going to be unmonitored for longer than usual.

Is there any way to ensure your ads don’t totally plummet while you’re gone? In fact, there is.

A while back Facebook implemented the ability for users to create a ‘rule’ that monitors ads 24/7. These can be set through the main Business Manager menu at ‘Automated Rules’ under ‘Create & Manage.”

There are an incredible amount of options when creating an automated rule. For many, it might be pretty self-explanatory. Here, we will highlight three of the most important options you have when creating rules.

For this post, look at automated rules as a sentence: If something happens during a certain period of time, adjust my ads.


If something happens during a certain period of time, adjust my ads.

The second thing Facebook asks when creating a rule is to set the Action. In the automated rules sentence, Action is the “adjust my ads.”

Essentially, if Facebook notices unwanted results are happening, what should they do to your ads? How should they adjust them?

Thankfully, they have many options. It all depends on your situation as an ad manager.

If you are entirely unavailable, maybe tell Facebook to totally turn off the ads until you can get back to them.
If you are gone for a short time, maybe tell Facebook to simply lower the budget.
Or if you are available, but just busy, you can even just have Facebook send you a notification and not touch your ads.

The Action is one of the most important parts of an automated rule, so put genuine thought into what action you pick.


If something happens during a certain period of time, adjust my ads.

The Condition is telling Facebook what to look out for. Essentially, “if this happens, do something!”

Again, there are dozens of combinations for situations that could make up your Condition. It can have to do with the cost per result, impressions, money spent, and more.

At the end of the day, the Condition really depends on what your ads are and what you want your ads to do for your business.


If something happens during a certain period of time, adjust my ads.

The Frequency is generally obvious. When do you want Facebook to monitor your ads?

If you are gone for the holidays, this might be self-explanatory and span a couple of days.

If you want to be more creative, you could set a rule that starts at 5:00p.m. each night and turns off at 8:00 a.m. the next morning, forming perfectly around the work day.

Again, this section is very customizable and can be formed to fit your situation perfectly.

Each section requires serious thought and focus to create a well-rounded rule, but if you want to have a nice break from work without worrying about your ads, Automated Rules may be the way to go.

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