Marketing: The Biggest Social Media Pitfall for Small Businesses

The Biggest Social Media Pitfall to Avoid For Small Businesses

It’s nearly impossible for a modern business to be successful without considering social media as part of their overall marketing strategy.

But there are a variety of ways that a social media strategy can actually harm the company if executed improperly. There’s one major mistake small businesses make that can cripple their social media strategy:

Thinking You Need to Be Everywhere

 Every day there are more social networks gaining popularity, and it can be hard for any business to keep up. This can lead businesses to the idea that they must have a presence on every single one to be relevant. This is counterproductive, however, since a strategy like this can waste time and resources, something small businesses tend to have a limited amount of. Shallow interactions can result from spreading too thin – it is more important to form meaningful connections with your customers than to have a presence everywhere.

Focusing In

 Pick a few social networks where your customers (and potential customers) are, and spend time building your brand there. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and all the other social networks each attract unique users bases looking for different things. Then learn the social networks where businesses like yours perform well, create your presence, then start engaging with people. This approach will lead to your business finding customers who are more engaged and loyal to your brand.


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