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Not Knowing These Social Media Rules Makes You A Rookie

1.) Never listen to someone who calls himself a guru. (Or herself, for that matter. But who are we kidding…women have more sense than men do.)

2.) Reply to people on Twitter. It’s like a virtual high-five. It will take you time but it will be worth it. I bought a book once because the author replied to my tweet. I’ve bought every book he’s written since then.

3.) Zig when everyone else zags. They say Facebook is an image-based platform. Write a 3,000 word post instead. They say Pinterest is for women. Dudes, this is your chance.

4.) Stop trying to sell on social. It’s not going to happen.

5.) Social media is a relational platform. The ROI you are looking for is not dollars and cents. It is trust and advocacy.

6.) How to estimate time costs. A good gauge for a time commitment is 5-7 hours per month per channel.

7.) Growth-hacking doesn’t work. There is no growth-hacking in social media that lasts.

8.) Social media is not a set of tools. It is a mindset.

9.) Boring? If no one is following you online it is probably because you are boring. Or saying something boring about an interesting topic. Find a way to say something interesting about a boring topic and you will win.

10.) Remember when I said stop trying to sell on social media? Yeah. I meant that.

11.) Content is a commodity. Good content is a necessity. Great content is a rarity.

12.) Find your buckets. Areas of interest you can “fill up” with good content. Pick 3-4 of them and stay in your buckets 80% of the time.

13.) Do not be afraid to be human on social. Post something strange and weird. Like your toenail clippings arranged as Stonehenge. Or something gross. Like…your toenail clippings arranged as Stonehenge. Or something personal. People will care more about you and your brand if you do this. We like to follow humans. Not robots.

14.) Keep it going. Consistent bad content is better than inconsistent good content.

15.) Social media is not going away. The debate was settled when they started tweeting from Mars.

16.) Where should we be? When asking the question, “should we be on _____ platform right now?” You only need to answer three questions: 1. Do we have something to add? 2. Is our target audience here? 3. Do we have someone who is going to own it?

17.) Content automation is like a running chainsaw. In the right hands it is very powerful. In the wrong hands? Well…I hope you don’t mind losing a limb or two.

18.) Build your legacy. If you say to yourself, “I’m retiring soon. I do not want to spend the time to figure out this social media thing,” you are tarnishing your legacy. The people around you will be at a huge disadvantage after you are gone.

19.) Quit now. If you work for someone with the above mindset you should stop right now and find a new job.

20.) How to build a strategy. Social media needs strategy (above-the-neck thinking) before you implement tactics (below-the-neck action). Think before you act.

21.) Facebook can do whatever it wants. No apologies are necessary. If you do not like it, do not use the platform. It really is that simple.

22.) Do not trust timing studies. Anyone who tells you they know the “perfect” time to tweet is lying. I do not care how many tests they have run. The “right time” will increase effectiveness in the same way a rain drop falling in the ocean raises the water line.

23.) Keep it conversational. If you could only choose one social media activity to do forever, it should be responding to people. Forget content. Interaction will make people love you (and who doesn’t like to be loved?).

24.) No. I will not join your LinkedIn network.

25.) Facebook is now a pay-to-play platform. Stop whining. Start paying.

26.) “Going viral” is not a good social media strategy. It’s actually not a strategy at all. It’s a hope and prayer.

27.)  No agenda. The less agenda you have on social, the bigger your audience is.

28.) You can buy thousands of followers for $5. Right now. Keep this in mind the next time you see an account with a huge follower/like count with very little interaction.

29.) What to measure. The absolute best metric for social media is email subscribers. How many emails are you capturing through your social media presence? Make this your numero uno.

30.) One tweet = thousands of dollars. I flew 150,000 miles with Delta last year because they answered my tweet in a time of need. That’s tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. Multiply this scenario times a million. Do you think social media is worth it for them?

31.) Do not be the smelly kid. When you try to sell on social media you look like the smelly kid at the junior high mixer trying to get some poor girl to dance with him.

32.) Be generous. Likes, retweets, and shares are free to give. So give freely.

33.) Social media is applicable to any industry in the world. It doesn’t matter how “unsexy” you may think your niche is. There is a group of people somewhere on this beautiful blue who care about the same things you do. And they’re online. Your job is to find them.

BONUS: Have fun! Social media is about connecting with other human beings. In their hearts and minds and souls and guts.

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