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The New Ads Manager

If you have ever created ads in Facebook’s Power Editor or Ads Manager, you probably got an email from them this weekend.

“Introducing a unified Ads Manager…”

Facebook took their two popular ad interfaces, Power Editor and Ads Manager, and combined them into one interface called Ads Manager. At first glance, this seems like an unfortunate change for Facebook ad experts if they need to relearn all of their creation techniques.

The good news? That’s not the case. Though things have changed a little bit, ad creation will still be familiar to you experts!

Three main things have changed…creation flow, drafts, and reports.

Creation Flow

If you’ve been in Business Manager, you know that there has been two ways to create ads for a while. In Power Editor, you could create campaigns freely and publish your changes after you finish entirely. But in Ads Manager, you could follow a guided campaign creation.

In the new interface, you have both options and can continue to do whichever you prefer!

The two versions are called Quick Creation and Guided Creation.

Quick Creation will be perfect for people who preferred Power Editor and Guided Creation is essentially the same as the old Ads Manager. These two options are available for everyone and you can easily switch back and forth between the two!


If you have used Power Editor, you know that all of your changes are automatically saved as drafts unless you publish the changes.

It seems that the new Ads Manager will behave the same way. But don’t worry, Facebook doesn’t let you leave and totally lose every unpublished change you have! If you try to leave the page, Facebook will remind you to save your changes before you leave.


Before the new Ads Manager, users gathered ad reports from both Power Editor and Ads Manager, combining the insights from both. Now Facebook has combined all reports into one place in the new Ads Manager.

This means less time searching back and forth for the right metrics (and maybe less trouble when clients can’t find the reports they are looking for!).

Those are the three main changes, but it seems like it could make the ads interface even more user friendly than before. Thanks Facebook!

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