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Fixing Facebook Ads That Aren't Working

We’ve all been there.

You spend hours putting in the work to get your Facebook ads prepared. Installing the pixel, perfecting the copy, finding the ideal images, and learning the best ways to set up the ads in Power Editor. All the work can be exhausting, but finally getting the ads rolling feels worth it.

But then the ads aren’t bringing results.

All the work, all the research, all the effort…for what? What went wrong? What can you do now?

It is not uncommon for Facebook ads to flop sometimes. Even the best marketers and social media experts can see a well-made campaign fail to bring results.

So, what do you do when your perfect campaign ends up being a not-so-perfect campaign?


The first strategy is what I call revamping the ads. Many times, the only thing that needs changed in a failed ad campaign is the image, headline, or targeting.

Take some time and look at your ads closely. Consider all of the alternative options that could bring different/better results. Is your headline as strong as it could be? Is your targeting too broad? These are questions you have to ask.

The biggest mistake marketers make when revamping their ads is not changing the ads enough. Many people will go in and change their image to something that is generally the exact same image as before.

You have to change it up big time.

Don’t change the image/headline/targeting to something similar. Change it to the exact opposite. If your original ads weren’t working, it’s time to try the opposite end of the spectrum, and slowly work your way to finding the ads/ad sets that work well.

The Landing Page

The second strategy is to take a look at the effectiveness of your landing page. If you are seeing a lot of link clicks on your ad, but not many conversions, then it isn’t your ad that is the problem, it’s your landing page.

Chances are that you spent just as much time perfecting your landing page as you did the ad. It can be tough to bring a critical eye to the work that you have invested so much into. Perhaps it would be more effective to send your landing page out to trusted colleagues and ask if it could be improved.

Is the landing page too busy (i.e. too many options, distracting background)?
Is the offer unclear?

Pro tip: if you end up reinventing your landing page, consider a retargeting campaign. Send an ad out to the folks who clicked on the last ad, but didn’t convert. This is a great way to see if your new landing page will convert better than your last!

The Offer

This is the toughest option to accept. If you aren’t seeing many clicks and/or conversions, there’s a chance that your offer isn’t cutting it.

Many marketers don’t want to believe their offer is the problem.

“A great marketer should be able to convince any audience to convert on any offer.”

That is simply not true.

It’s 2017. There are more products and services that can meet consumers’ needs than ever before. If a user is not enticed by your offer or business, they will have no trouble saying no. It doesn’t matter how good your landing page or ads look.

So if every other option has been exhausted, take a step back and analyze your offer.

Could it be cheaper?
Could the product be improved?

Again, consider asking some outside minds to be honest about their opinion.

Going through these strategies are a great way to get your failing ads back on track. As smart as Facebook algorithms are, you need to stay on top of making your ads as effective as possible!

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