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What on Earth is the Facebook Pixel?

You hear the word “pixel.” What do you think? Maybe you think of the thousands little colors making up each screen you watch Netflix on. Maybe you picture old video games where you could see every pixel of each character. Those are great images to associate with the word. Unless you’re a marketer in 2017. If that’s you, then you should think of one Pixel over the rest. The Facebook Pixel.

If you are going to do anything with Facebook ads, you MUST utilize the Facebook Pixel. Just getting started? First, check out The Four Keys to Facebook Advertising as your starting point. Then come back here for in depth information on the Pixel.

Ok, so what is a Pixel?

Facebook defines their Pixel as “a piece of code that you can place on your website to report conversions, build audiences and get rich insights about how people are using your website.” That’s a pretty long definition for one word, huh? That’s because the Pixel does so freakin’ much.

If the mention of website coding distracted you from the definition, let me simplify it for you. The Pixel is installed on your website to analyze the actions and attributes of the visitors on the site. What pages they visit, if they purchase anything, the characteristics we can learn from their Facebook, and more.

Imagine that you own a small clothing store, and you want to learn more about your customers. What if there was a technology that could track every visitor’s time in the store (how long they stay, where they are within the store, etc.). And on top of that, the technology provides you with insight into the customers’ personalities and demographics.

Marketers would be all over that technology. Today we have virtually the same technology, just for websites. It’s the Facebook Pixel.

Is the Facebook Pixel hard to use?

Not really.

The technology behind the Pixel and its coding is incredibly complicated, but thankfully, that has all been taken care of. As advertisers, all we need to do is install it in our sites and then it does all the work. As it gathers information, it’s up to you to use the information well. It could be creating audiences or setting ad goals, but that’s where the real work comes in.

Honestly, learning to use the Pixel well does take time and effort, but what worthwhile marketing doesn’t? When social media began, many people were deterred by the learning curve of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. But today, the people that buckled in and learned all that they could are the people who are doing social media best. Don’t be discouraged. Dive in and learn. You won’t regret it.

Is the Pixel worth the time and effort?

Yes. One hundred times yes. One million times yes.

Not only is this technology and insight unprecedented and unparalleled, but it is free! It’s not even like the world is throwing you a bone here. It’s like the world is walking to you, opening your hand, and placing the bone in your palm.

The Pixel gathers a lot of efficient information. You can use the information about the people on your site to better target your future Facebook ads. The Pixel gets more and more refined the more you utilize it. The ads you run today will impact your Pixel and therefore impact your future marketing. It’s a win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win situation. You don’t see those everyday.

The Pixel is more than worth it. It takes time, effort, and focus, but can bring results you never dreamed of. If you need more insight or consulting when it comes to your Facebook ads, contact us at [email protected] Our done-for-you digital marketing could be just what you need to grow.

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