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Facebook Audiences: The Two Basics

If you’ve spent any time in Facebook’s Business Manager exploring ads, you’ve probably seen the “Audiences” tab. Because of the incredible targeting abilities for interests and demographics in Facebook ads, many people ignore the Facebook Audiences options entirely.

At the end of the day, do you need to use audiences to be successful in your ads? No.

But does it make your chances of success higher? Heck yes.

Two of the most important aspects of audiences that I’ll explain are lookalikes and retargeting.


One of the easiest things to do with Facebook audiences is to create an audience of the users on an email list. But chances are, most of those users are already customers or already being nurtured toward a sale. With the great reach of Facebook, you probably want to reach entirely new people and begin building your brand with them.

That’s where lookalike audiences come in. Lookalike audiences are based around one of your already existing audiences. So, if you have an email list of 5000 customers, you can have Facebook create a lookalike audience of users that are similar to your email list. And when it’s done, you have an audience of hundreds of thousands of users that are likely to be interested in your brand.

When creating ads, you can choose this lookalike audience as the basis of your targeting and then narrow it even more by interest, gender, age, etc. After doing this, you will have an incredibly specific and accurate audience to target your ads to!


The other most important aspect of Facebook audiences is the ability to retarget. Especially in areas like e-commerce or sales funnels, retargeting is pivotal. Retargeting is essentially telling Facebook to target the people that almost purchased your product.

With your Facebook Pixel installed on your site, you can create audiences of users that visited your site, but didn’t purchase. Or users who added a product to their cart, but didn’t purchase. As long as you have distinct URLs on your site, you can create audiences for nearly any action.

After you have these audiences created, simply create ads targeting these users and encouraging them to purchase. Consider getting a promo code to spur them to buy! The most important part: write copy that identifies that they almost purchased.

It’s not too late!

Come on back!

Only a few days left!

If you make a normal ad, they are going to scroll by thinking they’ve already seen it. But if you call them out and catch their attention, they will check it out again.

Those are only two ways to utilize Facebook audiences to your advantage. Are there other ways that you use Facebook audiences? We’d love to hear in the comments!

If you want more help with Facebook audiences or Facebook ads in general, reach out to us: [email protected]

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