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Boosting v. Ads

What's the difference?

If you have a business page on Facebook, chances are you have seen suggestions urging you to “boost” your Facebook posts. As Facebook’s algorithms mature and grow over time, organic (non-boosted) posts from businesses start to get pushed to the bottom. By boosting your posts, you are simply paying Facebook to put it higher in users’ feeds!

If that was the only option, it would be the best option without a doubt! But there is another contender… Facebook ads. If you are a business looking for the best option, we are here to lay out the differences between the two.


Boosting is the go-to suggestion for Facebook because it is the best starting point. Boosting is incredibly user friendly. At it’s core, boosting is just choosing a post, clicking boost, picking a dollar amount, and clicking go! After that, the post runs it’s course (hopefully doing some good) and that’s that.

If you have a post that a lot of people seem to be liking, you can boost it to gather even more traction and more credibility. If you have an upcoming promotion, you could boost the post that contains the promo code. If you want to generate page likes, you can put your page in front of people who would potentially want to like it.

Those are all great. But you might be wondering, “can’t ads do all of that do?”

Yes, they can. Boosting isn’t a bad option for business pages, but it IS true that anything boosting can do, ads can do better.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are essentially a more controllable version of boosting. If boosting is GarageBand, Facebook ads is ProTools in a billion dollar recording studio in Nashville.

With boosting, you can throw a post into the world and hope it works.

With ads, you can create a trackable advertisement optimized to your own custom conversions. After you start the ads, you can adjust and change based on what you are seeing. You can target your ads to incredibly accurate audiences.

Facebook advertisements give you control that you can’t get with virtually any other marketing strategy seen so far (ever).

If you’re looking for a place to start with Facebook advertising, boosting could be it. But if you’re looking to scale your business, generating leads and sales at a new level, Facebook advertising is what you’re searching for.

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