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Assigning Partners in Business Manager

Most of the blogs we post are conceptual topics about Facebook advertising. Not this time. Business Manager can be a pretty complicated platform to understand. We want to help.

So here is our step-by-step guide to adding partners in Business Manager.

In our experience as an agency, we often need to be added to other’s ad accounts. Nine times out of ten, people don’t have any idea how to do this.

It is easy to think that the most effective way to add someone to your ad account is by simply adding each user individually to the account. If you are working with another company or an agency of some sort, the better option is actually assigning them as a Partner.

Here’s how you do that:

1. Go to the settings in your Business Manager.

There are many ways to navigate to settings. The easiest would be through the buttons in the top right corner (picture #1) or through the menu accessible at the top left corner (picture #2).

2. Go to Ad Accounts and select the account you are going to share.

Once in settings, go to the ad account that you need to give the agency/partner access to. Remember this will only affect the ad account and not your Business Manager or any pages.

3. Click “Assign Partner.”

Most users assume to click “Add People” but the more effective route is actually assigning partners.

4. Click “Connect your ad account using your partner’s Business ID instead.”

There a handful of ways to add a partner, but the most effective is to use their Business ID to add them.

5. Select role and paste Business ID.

Select the role that you want the partner to have, and then paste their Business ID. They will need to give you their Business ID which can be found in their Business Managers settings under Business Info.

6. Click “Connect” and you’re done!

The partner should have received a notification that they have gained access to the account. At this point, they should be able to add their own Business Manager employees to the ad account on their own.

Business Manager can be a complicated platform, we hope this step-by-step process was helpful!

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