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5 Reasons NOT To Use Facebook Ads

As digital marketers, we are in the trenches of Facebook ads every day. We see the ins and outs like nobody else does.

After doing this work, we see the benefits and encourage most businesses to try Facebook ads. But maybe you’ve been following along for months and really don’t think Facebook ads are for you.

You might be right.

As wonderful as Facebook ads are, there are some reasons that they might not be the best fit for you. So as experts in the field, we have put together the definitive list of reasons NOT to use Facebook ads.

If you identify with any or all of these reasons, then Facebook ads definitely aren’t for you.

If You’re The Marketing Team For Myspace

I’m sorry to tell you this Tom, but I don’t think advertising on Facebook will be helpful in bringing Myspace back from the dead. People LOVE Facebook and advertising there in an attempt to steal folks away will simply be ineffective.

If You’ve Never Heard Of Facebook

This is a big one. If you haven’t heard of Facebook, then doing Facebook advertising might be too much for you take in right now. In the meantime, do us a favor and go to www.facebook.com and create an account. Your world is about to be changed forever.

If You Have A Really Solid Billboard Somewhere That Seems To Be Doing The Trick

We run into this all the time!

“We bought a big ol’ billboard back in ‘93 and, though we can’t really track results, it seems like it is still bringing in enough customers for now!”

If this is the case and your 20-year old billboard advertisement is still working (based on your qualitative market research), then it is totally understandable for you to wait to do Facebook ads. Online traffic will never compare to real traffic!

If You’ve Already Reached 100% Of Your Target Demographic Worldwide

Wow, congratulations! How incredible that you have already reached literally anyone and everyone that could potentially be interested in your product/service. I guess Facebook ads might not help you at this point. Our expert recommendation would be to reach out to NASA about advertising to extra-terrestrial beings.

If Your Business Is Simply TOO Successful

We’ve all been there. You start a business one month and the next month you are accidentally bringing in $1 billion of revenue weekly! We get it. Sometimes, you simply need to make less money!

If you’re looking to cut your profits down by 50-80%, Facebook ads are definitely NOT for you. In fact, Facebook ads might bring your business in the opposite direction and potentially increase your profit. Yikes! If you’re in this boat, stay away!

As you can see, Facebook ads aren’t for everyone!

But if you don’t identify with any of these categories, reach out to us at Think Digital and we can show you how Facebook ads can help scale your business.

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