Do you wish social media could get you and your organization more traffic, more customers, more clicks, more shares, more purchases, and more involvement with less time?

For a very limited time, discover how to build a bigger online audience, gain influence through social media, create content that converts, and do it in less time.

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You Can Discover The Proven Methods, Strategies And Techniques To Increase Your Online Audience and Generate More Response

If you or your organization want to learn how to effectively use social media, you have two choices:

Image Twochoices

Throwing content together, hoping it will generate more clicks, create more customers, gain more followers and elicit some sort of response.

Intentionally building a bigger online audience that takes action when you ask them to.

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We have interviewed and worked with some of the most influential social media voices on the web.

Image of Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn
Image of Jeff Goins
Jeff Goins
Image of Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt
Image of Michael Stelzner
Michael Stelzner
Image of Kristina Halvorson
Kristina Halvorson
Image of Gary V
Gary V
Image of Dan Zarrella
Dan Zarrella
Image of Cynthia Ware
Cynthia Ware

They all have a proven social media system that has contributed to their success. Do you?

After years of study, research, and application, we’ve found that organizations and individuals have been thrown into the social media sea and are sinking–fast. This makes sense, doesn’t it? Social media is not the only thing you or your organization thinks about. You are dealing with the realities of:

And doing all the other duties on your job description that nobody told you about.

So at the end of the day, one of the most important ways to get you or your organization further faster is social media. You want to do social media more effectively because you read stats like this...

More People Come Into Contact With you or Your Organization Through Social Media Than any Other Online Platform.

There are so many social media platforms and ways to use them, the task can feel overwhelming. You might be asking:

You can listen to the social media gurus, read books, or attend conferences and webinars. But, what about having one place where you can develop your social media skills to help you build a bigger online audience that’s inspired to take action.


Image Academy

This step-by-step, follow-along social media coaching program will give you the tools you need to build a bigger online audience and inspire them to take action.

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You get how-to coaching, ready-to-use resources, and real world examples to help you build a bigger audience that takes massive action.

Think Digital Academy is delivered in eight modules. Here is a breakdown of what we will cover in each module.

Module 1: Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets

  • Coaching: The Must-Have Element for Social Media Success
  • Action Tool: How to Grow Your Network and Build Influence on Twitter
  • Action Tool: A Fan Page Cheat Sheet for Engagement
  • Resource: The Anatomy of a Perfect Tweet
  • Resource: The Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Update
  • Resource: Hootsuite Bulk Scheduling Template



Coaching: 10 Easy Steps to Finding Your Big Idea

Action Tool: An Engagement Cheat Sheet to Help You Go Further, Faster!

Resource: Content Templates Proven to Get Likes, Retweets, and Shares

Resource: 10 Easy Steps Worksheet



Coaching: The Three-Step Fool-Proof Formula for Growing Your Online Audience

Action Tool: Asking Your Audience

Resource: Audience Analysis Survey Question Plug-and-Play Template

Resource: Crafting Your Perfect Persona Worskheet



Coaching: Four Key Items Every Website Must Have

Action Tool: Easily Drive Traffic to Your Website

Action Tool: Setting Up a Social Traffic Dashboard

Resource: Content Auditing for Dummies

Resource: Perfect Website Examples to Rip-Off



Coaching: The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

Action Tool: 10 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Resource: Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post PDF

Resource: Sample Editorial Calendar for Blogging Domination



Coaching: The Anatomy of a Perfect Ebook

Action Tool: Easy Formula for Creating Craveable Ebooks

Resource: Ebook Templates to Get You Started Immediately



Coaching: The Why & the How of Building a Successful Email List

Action Tool: Anatomy of a Perfect Email Newsletter

Resource: Email Marketing Tactics Kit



Coaching: Anatomy of a Perfect Email Newsletter

Action Tool: The Social Media Marketing Cycle

Resource: Anatomy of a Perfect Email Newsletter PDF

Resource: Customizable Email Templates that Convert

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To be honest, this type of program costs thousands of dollars. The amount of coaching that’s in the program is worth over $5,000. Why? Because you're cutting through the clutter and chaos and getting instant access to proven real-world tactics and strategies. But we believe every person and organization should get access to this great program, so we’ve made it as affordable as possible. It is 8 monthly payments of $99 $79 to access all the coaching materials, ready-to-use resources, real world examples and bonuses. We see this as a smart investment in you or your organization.

If You’re Worried About Price And Whether This Course Will Be Worth It, Read This...

Let’s get real: We know you’re wondering if this is going to be worth it.

That’s why you get to test everything free for 14 days.

You can watch the coaching, use the resources, and apply everything you learn without getting charged a dime.

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To make it even more of a no-brainer, we have a

365-Day, No Condition, Money-Back Guarantee

We are sure these resources will help you or your organization now and in the years to come. We’re even willing to stand by our coaching program. If at any time you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will receive a prompt and happy refund. Our goal is to help you succeed, not sell you stuff that doesn’t help. Click below to get started.

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